About Us

Karanayil Devasthanam has the tradition of Vishnumaya for Centuries. Their ancestral temple was the rest of Vishnumaya cult. Great devotees of this family solved the problem of the devotees who suffered from ill effects of Black powers and black magical reacts of the enemies. A devotee of Vishnumaya will be blessed with Peace of mind, success in life and family well-being with our secret poojas. Here we do poojas for financial gain, family security and success in businesss, get sucess for your treatments like infertility etc

Here at Karanayil Devasthanam there are Vishnumaya, Great Grand fathers, Kuttichathan and bhagavathy to bless the devotees in the form of protection and care. People from all walks of life such as from Politics,Business and Cinema field visit here for the blessings of our family deities.All of them testifies that they could grab success in their respective fields with this blessings of lord sree vishnumaya here. They say ‘Impossible has became possible with the blessings of Vishnumaya who is the Supreme power in Kaliyuga.

Those who are unable to reach here can contact the chief priest in telephone and inform the problems. Then you will get information about the Poojas here you want to perform to get immediate solutions for your problems. After performing pooja the prasadam will be sent to you.

Culmination of daily Poojas is with the appearanceof Vishnumaya in dancing form. It will be from 12:00 noon to temple closing. If you reach here at 12:00 noon you can make your prayer directly to the lord sree vishnumaya and you will get advice straight from the god and will be interpreted by the devasthanathipathi.Your wishes will be fulfitted. During pournamy and amavasi days (full moon and New Moon). It will be followed by appearing Vishnumaya Swamy in dancing form at 8 PM.

Whatever matters disturbs you, like family, business,professional,black magical effects, black power,infertility,elemination of your enemies etc you can contact devasthanathipathi to get immediate solutions for your problems. Here we r doing very old and secret poojamanthras and thanthrika karmas to vishnumaya swamy. The devotees can reach this temple from Trichur Sakthan Thampuran Bus stand in Trichur – Iringalakuda/Kodungallur routes.Alight at Cheriyapalam stop and contact telephonically (09605535555) to ensure that you are reaching Karanayil Devasthanam.


The Traditionaly trusted Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Seva mantrikam Temple Situated at Karuvannur cheriyapalam in THRISSUR,KERALA.Karanayil Devasthanam is also known as the Ancestral home of Lord Sree Vishnumaya Kuttichathan Swamy by decades,Here we are performing powerful poojas by using Ancestral Secret mantras and tantrik karmas followed by our great Grandfathers.
Here devotees will find relief from their Sorrows and Lord Vishnumaya Swamy will showering Blessings And Prospirty to his Devotees Irrespective Of Cast, Creed Or Religion.Lord Sree Vishnumaya Will give immediate solutions for his devotees problems those who are giving poojas and special offering to the lord, as lord sree vishnumaya kuttichathan swamy is known as the supreme power in kaliyuga. Performing special poojas to lord vishnumaya swamy will gives you Incredible increase in wealth, Hike in profession and business,Reunion of the seperated family members or persons,Get desired things done immediately,Removel of black magic and black power effects,Elimination of the enemies,etc.Whatever complicated matters disturbing in your life can be solved by performing poojas and giving offerings to lord vishnumaya kuttichathan swamy. Devotees can feel the differences in their life after performing poojas and giving offerings to lord Vishnumaya Kuttichathan swamy At Karanayil Devasthanam.